• Lourdes Leon is the daughter of pop icon Madonna
  • The model likes to show off her sexy curves
  • Lourdes shows off her butt during a photo shoot

Lourdes Leon has made it clear in the past that she is no longer the sweet, innocent girl she used to be! The daughter of pop icon Madonna is now almost completely naked for a photoshoot for the fashion brand Mademe, sharing the hot pictures on Instagram

Lourdes bares it all in sexy new photoshoot

Lourdes can be seen giving an innocent look into the camera in the first image. The model poses with wet hair in a hot tub and shows off her many tattoos. However, this does not distract from the real eye-catcher of the photo! As the third photo reveals, her bum isn't exactly covered by the purple thong she wears.

Lourdes can be seen flashing her backside while smiling in the cheeky behind-the-scenes snapshot. Even though she is in fact wearing a bikini, you can barely tell— it's so tiny that it hardly covers anything at all! With her butt cheeks on display and only the super-thin straps from her top visible, she leaves very little to the imagination.

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Lourdes has already caused a stir with her sexy looks in the past, especially when she appeared half-naked at the Met Gala with long armpit hair. She certainly takes after her mother Madonna, and the two even posed half-naked and in sexy lingerie together. Whenever either of them share hot new photos, fans are bound to go wild, and Lourdes' latest photoshoot pics are no exception!