Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon are one of the hottest mother-daughter duos, known for their bold style. Now, the "Queen of Pop" has shared a new picture on social media that sees the duo show off revealing outfits.

Madonna and Lourdes attract attention with sultry looks 

Madonna and Lourdes confidently look into the camera as they pose together in the photo. Dressed in all black, 25-year-old Lourdes wears an ultra-skimpy bikini top and a short mini skirt, which barely cover her body. Madonna herself is also dressed in a revealing look. The pop star wears an extremely short dress made of black lace and fishnet tights, with black leather gloves and several sparkling necklaces as accessories.

Madonna shines in light blonde while daughter Lourdes looks stunning as a redhead, both of them wearing their hair in loose waves. The two women's makeup is just as striking as their appearance here, as they show off dramatic eyeshadow and lipstick. Of course, Madonna has her signature huge eyelashes to complete the look. "We’re in The Band!!!" she captioned the photo, using fun emojis and the hashtag "#mybetterhalf"

Fans freaked out upon seeing the image, commenting with countless flame emojis in the comments to show their appreciation for the duo's hot look. Both Madonna and her daughter are both known to appear in public while wearing very little. Lourdes recently appeared at the Met Gala half-naked with her long armpit hair on show, while Madonna recently posed for braless photos.