• Madonna has been very controversial lately
  • She is being sued by fans over a late concert
  • HERE are the details of her latest scandal

Madonna has really stepped in it now! The late-night drama unfolded last month in the Big Apple, leaving fans fuming and lawyers busy. Court documents reveal a tale of ticket holders' turmoil as fans Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden claim they were duped into a late-night fiasco.

Madonna needs to appease the fans now

As a result, the show was scheduled to kick off at 8:30 PM EST, but Madonna's grand entrance didn't grace the stage until after 10:30 PM, turning the event into a midnight marathon! Let's just say, paying customers were not amused at this turn of events

"Time waits for no one, but the fans shouldn't have to wait for Madonna!" the plaintiffs argue, stating they "wouldn't have coughed up the cash" if they knew they'd be clock-watching till the early hours.

With jobs and families to tend to, the fans' lawsuit slams promoter Live Nation and the Barclays Center for a cocktail of accusations including "false advertising" and "deceptive trade practices."

Fellows and Hadden are suing Madonna, Live Nation and Barclays Center for "unconscionable, unfair, and/or deceptive trade practices" for promising the public that the concert would begin at 8:30 p.m. knowing that Madonna would not begin performing at the advertised start time. The pair is arguing there was a breach of contract."

The plot thickens as the legal docs highlight Madonna's history of fashionably late performances, from her 2016 Rebel Heart Tour to the 2019-2020 Madame X Tour. It seems punctuality isn't part of the Material Girl's repertoire!

"Based on the years-long history of Madonna arriving several hours late to prior concerts (and which conduct continued at concerts in other cities after the Concerts at the Barclays Center, including concerts in Washington, D.C. and Boston), Plaintiffs knew or should have known that the Concerts would not start at 8:30 p.m., and that Madonna would not take the stage until several hours after the start time, causing Plaintiffs and all Class Members to have to wait several hours," the lawsuit said.

Not the first time

A Florida man, Nate Hollander, sued Madonna and Live Nation in November 2019, alleging they had moved a concert two hours later than originally planned and it was too late for him to attend. Hollander voluntarily dismissed the suit just a month later, according to court records.

The plaintiffs involved in the proposed class action "demand judgment against Defendants for actual and consequential damages."

CNN has reached out to representatives for Madonna for comment, as well as those for Live Nation and Barclays Center.

Also interesting:

Despite the controversy, Madonna's Celebration tour, marking 40 years since her hit "Holiday," has been a sell-out sensation, with fans across the US, Canada, and Europe eager to get into the groove.

Yet, not even a health scare last summer, which saw the star rushed to the hospital for a serious bacterial infection, has slowed down the pop juggernaut.

In true Madonna fashion, she once declared to her audience, "A queen is never late." But will the court crown her the queen of tardiness or will the pop royalty's defense strike a chord with the judge?