• Madonna in hot leather look
  • This is how sexy the pop icon is
  • This video drives fans crazy

Madonna (65) is currently on a global tour, drawing massive crowds to concert halls. On Instagram, the singer has recently posted a video showcasing herself in daringly revealing outfits that leave little to the imagination.

Sexy women:

Madonna is SO seductive on Instagram

Madonna locks eyes with the camera, sporting intensely dark eye makeup and a smoldering gaze, as the video unfolds to reveal multiple clips of the pop icon donning hot outfits. She captivates attention in a mini dress adorned with sparkling stones, featuring Madonna's signature style.

Enhancing the allure, Madonna complements her ensemble with rhinestone-studded gloves and a black hat, revealing braided pigtails. But that's not all! Transitioning into a leather bodysuit and coordinating gloves that extend to her upper arms, Madonna turns up the heat with the addition of fishnet stockings.

Madonna poses provocatively for the camera

In a bathtub with her legs spread, the 65-year-old couldn't be more provocative. Madonna's well-toned body and hot curves are perfectly showcased in the skimpy looks and sexy poses.

Hot news about Madonna:

The video, showcasing Madonna's European tour ensemble, is flooded with compliments from admirers. The pop icon exudes allure as she lounges on a red velvet sofa, donning a leather top that accentuates her ample cleavage, fishnet gloves, and oversized sunglasses.

The provocative look is completed with silver jewelry, adding a touch of glamour. The footage not only captures Madonna in her scintillating tour outfit but also portrays her reveling in festivities with celebrity friends.