• Jojo Siwa is now a mega star
  • Now she can celebrate another success
  • She is nominated for two Emmys

Jojo Siwa has built a huge fan base and is one of the biggest all-around stars in the US. The dancer was recently given a very special honor. It's very rare to see internet stars have such success: Jojo was nominated for two Emmys!

Jojo Siwa is nominated for two Emmys

She was nominated for a Children's & Family Emmy Award for the Peacock show Siwas Dance Pop Revolution. In the show, her and her mother Jessalynn Siwa worked with dancers who were trying to join a dance company.

She also received an Emmy nomination for the theme song to her film The J Team, in which she also stars. "I am truly honored and incredibly SHOCKED to be nominated", said Siwa, who wowed with a new pixie cut a few months ago, through Instagram as well.

Also interesting:

The 19-year-old is now a two-time Emmy nominee. She can't believe it herself: "It feels so crazy to say that I'm an 'Emmy-nominated dancer'! I'm speechless.“

On December 11, the Children's & Family Emmy Awards will be presented - we can't wait to see if Jojo Siwa will take home the award!