After the sixth and final season is coming to a close, Mandy Moore is reflecting on her time spent filming the emotional drama series This Is Us

The series, which has been critically adored for its realistic approach to complicated family dynamics, wraps up filming this month, and Moore shares how she's coping with the bittersweet end. 

Mandy Moore prepares to say goodbye

Moore, who has starred as "Rebecca Pearson" since 2016, knows there won't be a dry eye on the final day on set. Speaking with People magazine, the 37-year-old actress revealed how close the cast members and crew are.

Mandy Moore attends NBC's "This Is Us" Season 6 red carpet 

"I think, pretty much, I'd say 95 percent of the people that were there from the first episode are still working on the show. So we're a very, very tight-knit family all around," she told the outlet.

Moore added, "The idea that I won't see these faces every day and we won't tell these stories, it's going to be so hard to not be able to step into those shoes anymore and to be on those sets and have this material."

Moore also noted that she enjoyed learning about her character as time went on, sharing that it was just as much fun for her as the audience. 

"I get excited each and every time a new script comes out and to sort of dig in as a fan of like, 'Okay, what's unfolding now?' It's going to be really, really hard to let go," she said.

But, for the last day on set, Moore will make sure to take little pieces of her past with her - whether she's allowed to or not.

"When I'm done with This Is Us, there's a whole handful of things that I plan on taking whether or not I'm allowed to," she teased.

This month also marks the 20 year anniversary of her 2002 drama A Walk To Remember.