After playing characters like "Harley Quinn" and "Tonya Harding," Australian actress Margot Robbie is ready to rub shoulders with royalty, or at least two of its most popular members. In an interview with the magazine New!, the Oscar nominee confessed that she would love to be friends with Prince Harry and his wife, also an actress Meghan Markle. Robbie also said that she would like to invite them to dinner at her home, now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have settled in California.

Margot Robbie wants to be friends with Harry and Meghan

During a recent interview, Margot Robbie was questioned about her closeness to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The actress noted that although she has met the couple at public events, she has not had a chance to enter into a closer friendship with the pair, which she would love to fix once Harry and Meghan have moved in close to her.

Margot Robbie at the Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of the Harley Quinn movie premiere in 2020.

"We haven't [had dinner] but I would, for sure," she told the magazine New! "Whenever I met Harry in London at parties, he was always a lot of fun, so it would be great to have them both over."

Although Robbie's profession and age could have influenced a possible meeting with Meghan Markle - who is also an actress - the star of Suicide Squad and Bombshell remembered never meeting the Duchess of Sussex... yet. 

Margot Robbie's advice for Harry and Meghan's new life in California

Margot Robbie did not miss the opportunity to welcome Harry and Meghan to Santa Barbara, where the royal couple recently bought a new home to settle down with their son Archie.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their arrival at Westminster Abbey in 2020.

During her conversation with New!, Robbie advised the couple to "give it time" to their new life in California. 

"I have moved country twice now and it's not easy, but in time, places become home and LA has a lot to offer," she said. We will have to see if new friendship blossoms in Hollywood!