Many Americans are heading down to the polls come November as they prepare for the big day to vote! While recent years have shown an increasing number of voters hitting the polling stations, Mariah Carey and her daughter Monroe are hoping to encourage even more young voters!

The mother-daughter duo took to the highly popular social media platform, TikTok to perform a cute dance while they wear T-shirts announcing the need to vote!

Dancing for a cause!

Mariah Carey and her adorable 9-year-old daughter are taking to TikTok to hopefully inspire a younger generation to use their voice and vote in the upcoming November election.

Dancing alongside her most recent track "Save the Day" featuring Lauryn Hil, Carey and Monroe wore t-shirts that read, "Vote Vote Vote", and "Use Your Voice."

The famous singer captioned the cute video, "#SaveTheDay #VOTE #GirlPower Choreography/Interpretive Dance by Monroe C. a.k.a. Roe Roe Diva."

The clip begins with Monroe hilariously mocking her mother's signature hand to the ear, while lip-synching a powerful high note. The 15-second video continues with the two of them dancing together before Carey surprised her daughter with a quick snuggle.

This isn't the first time the cute pair made an adorable TikTok. Earlier this year the young girl was seen doing the "high note challenge", and once again doing her mother's signature hand-to-ear, before the camera pans over to show it was Carey all along.

Monroe and her twin brother, Moroccan, were also seen this past Christmas rocking along to their mom's 1994 smash hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You", proving that they, too can be diva's that steal the spotlight!