• Mark Harmon is a famous actor
  • He is known for his starring role on NCIS
  • Learn more about how he once saved a man below

Not only did he play a highly skilled hero on NCIS, but in real-life when a scary situation played out in front of his house! Mark's instinct kicked in and a man is alive today because of them!

Mark Harmon Saved A Man From A Burning Car

Back in January of 1996, two young boys were driving in Brentwood, California. According to CBS Los Angeles, the driver was speeding through the residential roads and had to slam on the breaks before smashing against a brick wall and flipping over. 

The driver quickly exited the vehicle as it began to fill with smoke and caught on fire. 16-year-old Colin Sprecht was trapped on the passenger side of the car. Colin explained to CBS that he had no way of getting out before someone came to help and used a sledgehammer to break the window!

Colin vividly remembers what happened next, "He tugged me, because I was still upside down the seat belt in, and he ripped me out of the car." Apparently, the man and other people nearby pulled him out and began rolling him in the street because his clothes had caught fire as well. 

Mark Harmon in 'The Presidio'.

Colin luckily survived the ordeal and wound up in the hospital for treatment of his third-degree burns. It was at the hospital that his parents let him know who exactly was the quick-thinking hero: Mark Harmon. The crash happened on Mark's street and his wife Pam Dawber called 911. 

Today, Colin is incredibly grateful. He told CBS, "I owe everything to him. I have no doubt that I would not be alive. He had more to lose. He had a wife, children, and the career based on his face and his looks. That's true altruism."

"Special Agent Gibbs" himself doesn't consider himself a hero. He told CBS, "When I broke the window to get to him it fed oxygen. The fire went from a two to a seven like that."

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"I won't take credit for it, because if the car explodes and I'm there next to the car, then you're talking about two young boys who don't have a father. And you'd be doing this interview with my wife and talking about how stupid it was." Mark's instinct had kicked in and was solely focused on saving the young man.

Colin Sprecht is forever grateful for Mark's sacrifice, "There's no way I can repay him, except for pay it forward, and I try to do that in my life."