Here are two stars you probably forgot were an item: Martha Stewart and Anthony Hopkins.

After her divorce in 1990, Stewart dated the Oscar-winner for a brief period. It's long been said that she broke up with Hopkins for a surprising reason — and Stewart just confirmed the story.

Why Martha Stewart broke up with Anthony Hopkins

Stewart, 80, just appeared on The Ellen Show and did a "two truths and a lie" segment. One claim, which turned out to be true, was:

"I dated Sir Anthony Hopkins but broke up with him because I couldn't stop thinking of him as Hannibal Lecter."

Stewart confirmed the wild story. She explained: "I have a big scary house in Maine that's way by itself on a hundred acres in the forest, and I couldn't even imagine taking Anthony Hopkins there. I couldn't. All I could think of was him eating, you know..."

The Silence of the Lambs cost Anthony Hopkins Martha Stewart.

Of course, Hopkins's trademark film role is "Hannibal Lecter." He first played the menacing cannibal doctor in the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs.

The role won Hopkins an Oscar, but it sounds like it didn't work wonders for his love life.

They say some stars are unable to escape their most famous roles. It appears that held true for Anthony Hopkins, and it even cost him a chance at love with Martha Stewart.

Recently, Stewart also confirmed that she's in a new relationship. She's keeping quiet on the details for now, but it sounds like her new man isn't a horror movie star!