It's never too late for love. And Martha Stewart has found someone special.

Stewart, 80, appeared on Andy Cohen's talk show this week, and the host got asking about her love life. Of course, Stewart's only marriage ended in 1990 and there haven't been many romance rumours in recent years.

Dating news: Martha Stewart has a new boyfriend

Cohen was first asking Stewart about her "thirst trap" pool photo that went viral last year. The chat led Cohen to ask if Martha is currently seeing anyone.

Stewart replied: "No." But she quickly clarified: "I shouldn't say no. I mean yes, but I'm not going to tell you." And she didn't go into any further detail, unfortunately! 

Martha Stewart confirms she has a new boyfriend.

Years ago, Stewart was romantically linked to actor Anthony Hopkins and to billionaire Charles Simonyi, after her only marriage to Andrew Stewart ended in 1990.

During her Watch What Happens Live appearance, Stewart also confirmed that she once went on a date with Larry King, but it didn't go anywhere.

But it's nice to hear that the lifestyle expert and TV icon has someone new in her life — just in time for the holiday season!