Matthew McConaughey is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He has ventured into the liquor business as well as using his new Wild Turkey Bourbon to support the charity 'With Thanks' and launch a new eco-cabin in Sydney, Australia. He recently revealed something while chatting on Australia's Today.

Matthew McConaughey encountered the deadly brown snake

McConaughey lived in Australia for a year on an exchange after high school and he talked about how his favourite Australian animal is the very venomous and dangerous brown snake. It's his favourite because he encountered one and should have been bitten, but wasn't, which is a good thing as it's one of the most lethal snakes in the world.

Matthew McConaughey: Happy and healthy

To find out more about Matthew's time in Australia and his current projects that he has on the go, check out the video above. He also hopes that in ten years time, he is doing more of what he is doing now. He is happy and healthy and so are his wife and kids! 

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