• Chelsea Blackwell went viral saying she looks like Megan Fox
  • Many fans were quick to jump down her throat
  • HERE is what Megan had to say

Fox, not a regular TV viewer, was bombarded with texts and celebrity inquiries at Oscar parties about the reality show drama. And of course, the major talking point was her opinion on Chelsea Blackwell's stunning claims. Fox handled it well.

Megan extends an olive branch

Despite not watching the show, Fox empathizes with Blackwell, addressing the harsh cyberbullying that ensued and affirming the lookalike claims.

Read on for Megan Fox's candid thoughts on the controversy, her message to Blackwell, and her stance on cyberbullying.

Megan Fox, the iconic actress known for her roles in blockbuster hits and her striking beauty, was recently thrust into the reality TV spotlight without even tuning into the show.

'Love Is Blind's' Chelsea Blackwell mentioned a comparison to Fox, sparking a wildfire of reactions online and even discussions among A-listers at prestigious events. Fox, surprised by the widespread interest, shared her thoughts with E! News, revealing her take on the lookalike drama and the cyberbullying that followed.

"It's uncanny!" Fox exclaimed, acknowledging the resemblance between her and Blackwell. "A hundred thousand percent, people have told her, 'You kind of look like Megan Fox.' So I believe she's telling the truth."

Megan is kind where it counts

Despite her own battles with being bullied, Fox hopes Blackwell retains her sparkle, sending her best wishes and blessings amidst the online turmoil.

Fox, no stranger to the dark side of fame, expressed her dismay at the negative attention Blackwell received.

"I didn't watch it, but I think in general, no one deserves to get bullied," she stated, calling for empathy and kindness in the face of viral controversies. The actress's comments shine a light on the often-overlooked impact of cyberbullying, especially when it involves comparisons to celebrities.

Despite the drama, Fox's response is one of understanding and support for Blackwell. The reality star, overwhelmed by the backlash, even reached out to Fox to apologize for the unintended consequences.

Fox's gracious response, focusing on the broader issue of cyberbullying and the pressures of public scrutiny, underscores the need for a more compassionate online community.

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Megan Fox's reaction to the Love Is Blind lookalike drama is a testament to her character, emphasizing empathy, understanding, and the importance of kindness in the digital age.

As the story unfolds, Fox's stance offers a glimmer of hope for those caught in the crossfire of celebrity comparisons and online backlash.