Michael J. Fox has spoken on the impact made by Donald Trump's mocking of disabled people.

In a new interview, the actor—who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991—condemned Trump's impression of a reporter with a disability during a 2016 presidential campaign rally. Serge Kovaleski, the New York Times reporter Trump targeted, has arthrogryposis, a condition that causes his joints to contract in his right arm and hand.

Michael J. Fox on Donald Trump's mocking of disabled reporter

Speaking to The Guardian on the release of his new memoir, Fox was asked to comment on Trump's widely-condemned impression from 2015. Of the act, which saw Trump mimic the condition and flail his arms while yelling, Fox said: "When you see your particular group mocked, it's such a gut punch. It's so senseless and cheap."

Donald Trump appears to mock reporter with disability in 2015.

Fox added, "There's no way I get up in the morning and mock orange people." In the interview—noted to have been conducted before this month's election—Fox also referenced how Trump inspired the creation of Back to the Future villain "Biff Tannen."

"Every worst instinct in mankind has been played on [by Trump], and for me that's just anathema. Biff is president!" he said.

Donald Trump inspired "Biff Tannen" in Back to the Future

The connection between antagonistic bully "Biff" (Thomas J. Wilson) and Trump was confirmed by Back to the Future writer Bob Gale in 2019. "Biff" was modelled on Trump, an outspoken and well-known New York businessman in the 1980s, when the first two films were released.

Meanwhile, Fox's new memoir, No Time Like the Future, was also released last week. In the book, he wrote of entering a "second retirement" from acting due to worsening symptoms related to his Parkinson's diagnosis.

In another interview promoting the memoir, Fox also recalled the story of being seated next to Princess Diana at the Back to the Future world premiere in 1985.

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