Michael Jackson's youngest son Bigi isn't known for being one to step in front of the cameras, but the 19-year-old recently did just that! On Monday, Bigi— who used to go by his birth name, Blanket Jackson— spoke about his late father in a special chat with Good Morning Britain.

Jackson's son talks about honouring his dad's legacy

Jackson's son was shown several of the iconic pop star's belongings during the interview. Bigi commented on there being "a lot of really cool stuff here," mentioning that Jackson's house and studio held "a lot of history." He then went on to talk about how he and his two siblings— sister Paris Jackson and older brother Prince Jackson— have carried forth their father's goals.

Bigi said that all three of them are aiming to "make things that people hopefully enjoy, but also can benefit their lives," a positive mission he believed his father "was all about." Since this week also saw the COP26 climate change summit begin in Glasgow, it was perfect timing for Bigi to speak out about the importance of protecting the environment as well.


The "King of Pop's" youngest son made his stance clear, addressing the importance of being aware of the issue. "I think we have work to do, but our generation knows how important it is," he said. His words echo the passionate pre-recorded speech Queen Elizabeth II virtually delivered at COP26 on Monday, wherein she affirmed how crucial it is for people to globally unite and create a better world for future generations.

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