• Michael Landon was world famous
  • He died of cancer at the age of 54
  • Before his death, he was still optimistic

Michael Landon (†54) was best known for his roles in 'Bonanza', 'Little House on the Prairie' or 'Highway to Heaven'. On July 1, 1991, the popular US actor died from cancer at the age of 54.

On May 9, 1991, he had his last TV appearance.

Michael Landon's last appearance: Just a few weeks before his death

On 'The Tonight Show', Landon appeared full of life to his friend and host Johnny Carson. The two spoke openly about the successful actor's cancer diagnosis. Michael had known since April 1991 that he had pancreatic cancer.

At the start of the show, Carson noted, "You look great." In fact, at the time, no one would have guessed from the happy sight of Landon that the cancer had already attacked his liver.

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Michael Landon thought he was going to recover

Michael Landon, who had nine children, appeared confident on the show about beating cancer: "Thank you. I'm doing well too," affirmed the series star at the beginning of the show. Landon made it clear to viewers of the show that he could still lead a normal life.

For example, the 'Little House on the Prairie' star shared: that he still played sports despite his diagnosis. He even joked that he could fight cancer with more sex and dolphins. He was allegedly told about such therapies in a clinic.

For Landon's fans, the death of the then 54-year-old was an even bigger shock after this TV appearance. Michael Landon was optimistic in public until the end of his illness.

Just a few months later Michael Landon's funeral took place.