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There is no question that Michael Landon († 54) was one of the most popular of the 'Little House on the Prairie' stars. Unfortunately, the TV legend died in 1991 after a long illness with cancer. He not only left behind his fans and his wife but also his numerous children.

Michael Landon: These are his nine children

In 'Little House on the Prairie' Michael Landon played the loving family man "Charles Ingalls". He had something in common with his role: he had a lot of children, even more than "Charles"!


Michael Landon had a total of nine children from three different marriages. These include:

  • Adopted son Mark Fraser Landon (*1948, †2009)
  • Adopted son Josh Fraser Landon (*1960)
  • Stepdaughter Cheryl Ann Pontrelli (1953*)
  • Daughter Leslie Landon (*1962)
  • Son Michael Landon Jr. (*1964)
  • Daughter Shawna Landon (*1971)
  • Son Christopher Beau Landon (*1975)
  • Daughter Jennifer Landon (*1983)
  • Son Sean Matthew Landon (*1986)

At the age of 20, the 'Little House' star adopted his son Mark with his first wife, Dodie Levy-Fraser. Josh had also been adopted into the family.

After the marriage ended in divorce in 1962, Michael Landon married Marjorie Lynn Noe in 1963. She brought daughter Cheryl Ann Pontrelli into the relationship. They have four children together: Leslie, Michael Jr., Shawna and Christopher Beau. In 1982 this marriage was also divorced.

During the filming of 'Little House' the actor fell in love with Cindy Clerico. The couple married in 1983 and had children Jennifer and Sean Matthew. 

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Michael Landon's children remain in the industry

Some of his offspring followed in Landon's footsteps and went to work in Hollywood. Leslie Landon, Michael Landon Jr. and Shawna Landon also became actors by trade. Christopher Beau Landon is a screenwriter and film director. Landon's youngest daughter Jennifer is also a successful actress. 

Mark Fraser Landon was also an actor before his death in 2009. Nothing is known about the jobs of Josh Fraser Landon and Cheryl Ann Pontrelli.

Son Sean Matthew Landon is the youngest child of Michael Landon. He made his name in the luxury real estate business in Malibu, California, according to his Instagram profile. 

Michael Landon's grandchildren: His children have children

Michael Landon would be a grandfather to multiple children. Some of his kids have become parents themselves. It is known that Michael Landon Jr. has three children with his wife Sharee Gregory, whom he married in 1987: Brittany Landon, Ashley Landon and Austin Landon. 

Christopher Beau Landon and his partner Cody Morris also have a son. He goes by the name Beau Landon Morris.

Leslie Landon gave Michael Landon the most grandchildren. In 1990 she married her husband Brian Matthews and had four children with him. They include Rachel Matthews (*1993), Justin Michael Matthews (*1995), Catherine Matthews (*2000) and Joseph Matthews (*2002).