• Little House on the Prairie was a classic American television drama
  • Karen Grassle and Michael Landon were among the show's biggest stars
  • Landon was known to captivate the ladies, and Karen Grassle was one of them

In her book, she not only talks about her time as "Caroline Ingalls" in Little House on the Prairie, but also reveals what the first meeting between her and Michael Landon was like. Karen Grassle explains that she used to find Landon very attractive. She even refers to him as "the cute guy" on more than one occasion.

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Grassle And Landon Made Television History Together

Before Filming 'Little House on the Prairie' Karen Grassle Had A Crush On Michael Landon

However, before the show, she only knew him from the TV from his role in Bonanza, where he made a powerful impression on her. When she auditioned for the role of "Ma" and met Landon in person for the first time, she was blown away. The actor got really close to her. She writes that she was sitting on a touch and Michael was right in front of her on the floor. Karen was really upset that she was suddenly so close to the handsome actor...

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