• Michael Landon was a well-known actor
  • He died in 1991 and the cause was cancer
  • He once explained why he stopped chemo

Michael Landon became known for his role on Bonanza in the 1960s. He later played "Charles Ingalls" on Little House on the Prairie. His life ended far too soon. At the age of only 54 years, he died of cancer on July 1, 1991.

The actor had just revealed a few months earlier that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. That he said goodbye to the world so quickly was a great shock. In one of Michael Landon's last interviews, he revealed that he had stopped chemotherapy, according to Cheatsheet.

Michael Landon was upset with his doctors

"I hated the thought of being injected with deadly chemicals and having no control over my life. So, I decided to stop chemotherapy, at least for now, and try something different," Landon told Life magazine.

Although he started chemotherapy after feeling ill, Landon didn't seem particularly hopeful. He explained at the time that the chances of curing his type of cancer were not good.

The Little House actor was particularly upset with his doctor, who is said to have insisted chemotherapy was his only chance. But Michael Landon wanted to try alternative medicine. So he decided to change his diet.

The actor's menu consisted primarily of fruits and vegetables. According to his own statements, he was able to reduce his stomach pains.

Also interesting:

In the interview with Life, Michael Landon complained about his doctors because he felt they were only trying to treat his symptoms with medication. Landon was convinced that alternative treatments could also help him relieve pain. Before he died, he always emphasized that he wanted to fight.

As you can see in this quote from the interview, he was prepared for anything. "It’s my life and my death. If I have to die, I want to die by my own mind," he said.

Michael Landon died just three months after going public with his illness. The cancer is also said to have affected the popular actor's liver. Unfortunately, he was unable to win the battle.

30 years later, fans have not forgotten him.