• NCIS airs a new episode on Feb. 28
  • Fans expect it will be emotional
  • A new detail has been revealed

NCIS fans still have a bit of a wait until the next episode. Season 19 is on hiatus and doesn't return until Monday, Feb. 28.

A few details have come out ahead of the episode, and it sounds like an emotional one. WARNING: it's a mild spoiler, but you can learn the heartbreaking detail below.

NCIS spoiler: THIS star is in the next episode

Fans already know that the daughter of "Dr. Jimmy Palmer" (Brian Dietzen) will appear in the episode. However, the episode will feature another guest star...

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The episode press release is out, and the cast list includes "Breena" (Michelle Pierce), the late wife of "Palmer." She passed away off-screen after battling COVID-19 last season. 

So it looks like we could see flashbacks with "Breena" in the episode. We don't know if those will be happy memories or her last days. Either way: Get your tissues ready.

Otherwise, the plot has "Palmer" and "Kasie" (Diona Reasonover) dealing with a biotoxin, which leads them to call "Dr. Carol Wilson" (Meredith Eaton).

Meanwhile, "Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama) watches over "Palmer's" daughter "Victoria." Star Brian Dietzen co-wrote the episode, and fans are eager to give it a watch.

Tune in on Feb. 28!