• NCIS is introducing a new character
  • She's in the next season 19 episode
  • Actor Brian Dietzen confirmed it

NCIS fans can look forward to a special addition to the season 19 cast. The series is on hiatus until Feb. 28, but that next episode will debut a long-awaited character.

NCIS: "Palmer's" daughter will be in the next episode

"Dr. Jimmy Palmer" actor Brian Dietzen confirmed the news on Twitter. His character's daughter "Victoria" is all set to make her NCIS debut.

"Who's ready to meet Victoria? Feb 28th," Dietzen wrote on Twitter. In his post, the star and a young actress are seen in chairs on the set.

The debut of "Victoria" is many years in the making. "Palmer" and his wife "Breena" (Michelle Pierce) had their daughter back in season 12.

She was actually named after the late mother of "Ducky" (David McCallum).

Also interesting:

It will likely be an emotional episode, too. "Palmer" is now a widower and "Victoria" without her mom after "Breena" died last season.

Dietzen himself has co-written the episode, so it sounds like a must-see. NCIS has been delayed since January, but it returns with the "Victoria Palmer" episode on Feb. 28.