• Nicole Scherzinger has shared some sexy new photos
  • The star gets glam in printed dress and bright makeup
  • She captioned the photos with a Bible verse

Nicole Scherzinger is daring to take a walk on the wild side! The singer's latest Instagram post features her wearing a bold outfit, and it's a look that's certainly caught fans' attention!

Scherzinger wears skintight animal print dress

Scherzinger is seen wearing an aqua leopard print dress in the photos, posing for the camera. The dress is fitted to show off her curves and flatters her figure nicely, featuring a large leopard head on the front. Her makeup has also been done in a dramatic fashion, with a smoky cat eye and bright, bold eyeshadow that matches her outfit.

The star wears her hair to the side in a braid for the sexy photoshoot, which is a noticeably different style for her. While she faces away from the camera in the first pic, the others see her looking right at it with a fierce expression. And when it came time to caption the photos, Scherzinger seems to have looked to some divine inspiration!

Also interesting:

"God is within her, she will not fail," Scherzinger captioned the photos, sharing that the line comes from a Bible verse. Just a day before posting the pics, she teased the outfit to fans with a hot video clip from the shoot, which saw her running her hands all over her dress and doing a body roll.