• Michael Sheen is a famous actor
  • He has decided to donate lots of his acting earnings
  • Sheen has moved back to Wales

Michael Sheen has revealed that he no longer intends to keep the money he makes from acting for personal use! As the Daily Mail reports, Sheen talked to the Big Issue about why he wants to focus on charitable endeavours, opening up about the decision that led him there.

Sheen talks about selling his properties for charity

Sheen told the outlet he now considers himself to be a "not-for-profit actor," reflecting on a choice that he made a couple years ago that changed his personal direction. The Good Omens star shared he helped provide funding for the 2019 Homeless World Cup, admitting he had "put all my money into keeping it going." While Sheen said that he'll be "paying for it for a long time," his decision was worth it to him.

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The actor explained that he chose to part ways with his properties in both America and the United Kingdom to focus on philanthropy. He shared that he became aware of Welsh citizens' need for assistance back in 2011, while he was in his home nation for a project. It was then he decided to put his efforts toward what he could do locally, as opposed to merely being a "patron" offering financial assistance or a "supportive voice".

Michael Sheen and David Tennant at the Good Omens premiere in London.

Sheen currently lives in Wales with his partner Anna Lundberg and their daughter Lyra. He's known to have contributed to many different causes over the years, including a fund that allows Welsh students to attend the prestigious Oxford University.

He mentioned that he puts "large amounts of money into this or that," since he isn't concerned about being able to earn it back. Kudos to the actor for his selfless decision!