• Modern Family was one of the most successful sitcoms of all time
  • The cast still gets together here and again
  • There was a recent reunion that caught our eyes

Among other things, Ariel Winter, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sofía Vergara were at Sarah Hyland's wedding. But that's not all: there was another meeting of two of the stars. Adam Devine, who played "Andy" on the show, posted several photos of himself and Sarah Hyland to his Instagram account.

The cast of Modern Family still stands strong

The two star together in the Pitch Perfect spin-off series Bumper in Berlin, which premieres at the end of November. Apparently, the two still get along really well, as these photos would suggest. Something that certainly warms the hearts of all show fans! It's always nice to see stars getting along.

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Ariel Winter

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Even years after the show ended, the stars are still eager to spend time with each other, which goes to show you what a great time they all had on set together. And a family that laughs together, stays together!

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