• Hugh Hefner's ex says he made her his "drug mule"
  • Sondra Theodore dated Hefner from 1976 to 1981
  • She now accuses Hefner of an "abusive" relationship

Hugh Hefner has been facing a wave of accusations — and support from defenders — in recent weeks. However, one of his exes now claims she was essentially a "drug mule" for Hefner during their relationship.

Sondra Theodore accuses Hugh Hefner of abuse

Model Sondra Theodore dated Hefner from 1976 to 1981. She just opened up on Secrets of Playboy about drug use at the mansion and her "abusive" relationship with Hefner.

Sondra says "there were drugs everywhere" at the time, but she "was afraid to speak out." She has come to terms with what happened to her, and she alleges Hefner used her as "a drug mule."

Hefner sent his young girlfriend to meet drug dealers weekly, and Theodore has since realized how he took advantage of her.

"To put a young girl in that position was so dangerous. I didn't allow myself to know that that was abusive, because I was told it was in the name of love," Theodore said.

Also interesting:

Hefner was 30 years older than Theodore, who was in her early 20s when they were together. He died in 2017, and his ex said: "If Hef was alive, he would be in jail."

For Sondra Theodore's full accusations against Hefner, watch the video above.