• Does Zac Efron have a girlfriend again?
  • His Valentine's Day post is keeping fans busy
  • Here's the story

Is Hollywood star Zac Efron (35) back in love? That's the question of the day! Actually, the actor has been going through life alone since his breakup with Vanessa Valladares. But a new post raises on Instagram has raised some very cute questions from his thousands of followers online.

Zac Efron is the whole package

"My Valentine," he captioned a new picture he shares on his Instagram account on Valentine's Day. You can see Zac next to a girl. This is obviously not a love connection, but his little half-sister Olivia.

Also interesting:

The two are more than 30 years apart, but that doesn't seem to affect their relationship. Scantily clad, the actor reads something from a book to his little half-sister. And fans don't mind...

Watch the video above to learn more!