Naomi Campbell and fellow supermodel Cindy Crawford exchanged some stories they have about their experiences with the British Royal Family on Naomi's YouTube series, No Filter With Naomi

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Naomi Campbell Surprised Teen Prince William On His Birthday

Campbell recounted the time when Prince William was 13 or 14 and she along with Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington surprised him on his birthday. "He was coming home from school and we had gotten there before he had gotten home from school and Princess Diana was like, ‘Okay.’ So, we were just like, ‘What do we do?’ I mean, it was so sweet," she said.

Naomi went on to add how "blessed" she feels to have met the late Princess Diana before her tragic death in 1997. The supermodel gushed about Diana by saying, "Loved Princess Diana, I just loved her. Humble, how down-to-earth and I’m just blessed to know her for the time that I did."

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Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford Loved Lady Diana

Cindy Crawford also revealed that she met the royals at Kensington Palace a few years later and admitted to blushing during the encounter. "I was so intimidated meeting Princess Diana and being at Kensington Palace and just how completely down-to-earth she was because there’s so much protocol I guess, and not being English, I don’t understand some of it."

Crawford went on to say, "She was in jeans and like a cashmere sweater and almost that vibe of being super laid back. So, I also was probably a little, I mean it was uncomfortable, but it was sweet. It was a very sweet day and a great memory," recounting her time meeting Lady Diana. 

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