Jennifer Esposito (46) starred in NCIS as "Alex Quinn" for only one season. Although the actress was quite popular with the fans, she didn't stay in the show for long. In season 15, she was no longer part of the cast. Even though Jennifer deserved a comeback, she didn't return to the team. But what was the reason for Jennifer's departure?

As early as 2017, she revealed on Twitter that she'd never planned to stay on NCIS for long. Nevertheless, Jennifer was happy to have been part of the NCIS cast.

Another reason for Jennifer's departure was the tragic death of NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg (†50). The producer created the character "Alexandra Quinn," but after Glasberg's death, the role was removed from the series.

The main cast of NCIS, pictured in 2003.

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After NCIS: Jennifer Esposito returned to TV in Law & Order: SVU

After Jennifer Esposito's exit from NCIS, she didn't give up acting. She actually returned to the small screen as part of the Law & Order: SVU cast in early 2019. The "Alex Quinn" actress took over the guest role of "Sergeant Phoebe Baker" in season 20 of the popular show and appeared as the head of the vice squad.

Esposito had actually already appeared in the very first season of Law & Order: SVU. At the time she played "Sara Logan", a reporter who became the victim of a crime. Whether Jennifer could actually return as "Phoebe Baker" at some point is not yet known.

In 2019, she also starred in the Amazon series The Boys and other future film and series projects are in the works.

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