NCIS star Sasha Alexander's personal life is as successful as her professional career. The actress who portrayed "Caitlin Todd" in the first two seasons of the American action police television series has been happily married to filmmaker Edoardo Ponti since 2007. Together they have two children, Lucia born in 2006, and Leonardo, born in 2010.

Who is Sasha Alexander's husband Edoardo Ponti?

Edoardo Ponti is an Italian director. He was born in 1973 in Geneva, Switzerland, where he also grew up. In 1994 he graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and in 1998 he got a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Directing & Production from the University of Southern California School of Cinema and Television.

The 2002 film Between Strangers is reportedly the first of Edoardo Ponti's work as a writer and director. The film starring Sophia Loren, tells the story of three women who struggle with emotional crisis regarding their relationships with men. It premiered at the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals and earned five Genie nominations, which is the equivalent to the Academy Awards. 

What has Sasha Alexander's husband Edoardo been up to recently?

In 2011 Edoardo Ponti wrote and directed Coming and Going, a romantic comedy starring his wife, Sasha Alexander. One year later he directed his first Italian-language film Il Turno di Notte lo fanno le stelle, and the same year he worked as an actor in a film adaptation of Madam Butterfly, playing the role of "Pinkerton", the main character. 

His most recent work as a director is in the 2014 film Voce umana, also starring Sophia Loren. Ponti was included in the list of the highest-paid directors of 2017.

Five quick facts about Sasha Alexander's husband Edoardo

  • He is the son of Sophia Loren! That's why she has starred in some of his films
  • Ponti earned the best first-time filmmaker award from the Newport Beach Film Festival for his work in Between Strangers
  • Edoardo Ponti reportedly dated French actress and singer Chiara Mastroianni
  • He speaks English, French and Italian
  • He co-founded, a website that provides information to people who want to enter the film industry

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