The last NCIS episode before the Christmas holidays took an unexpected turn, to say the least. Many hoped to see "Ziva" reunited with their family again, but before that reunion could happen there were still some dangers to overcome.

For Coté de Pablo's (40) character "Ziva", it was the third episode since her return to the show. The actress is returning to the crime series for a total of four episodes and her gripping plot line was continued in season 17's episode 10 ("The North Pole") on Tuesday night.

Caution: Do NOT continue reading if you have NOT watched NCIS Season 17 Episode 10 ("The North Pole") yet!

It turns out the "one thing" "Ziva" needed to do was find a friend, the double agent "Adam". He was the one who had helped "Ziva" to go into hiding!

"Adam" was kidnapped by "Sahar's" group. "Sahar", who everyone thought dead, turned out to be alive and kicking. They were all tricked!

NCIS: "Ziva" really wants to see "Tali" and "Tony" again

While the NICS team was in the dark, "Sahar" tortured "Adam" and he eventually succumbed to his injuries. The unveiling of the identity of the real "Sahar" was the next shock for the team.

"Sahar" turned out to be "Gibbs'" (Mark Harmon, 68) neighbor "Sarah", "Phineas'" mother! She was hiding in plain sight and used her son to get close to "Gibbs", only waiting for "Ziva" to return so she could make a move.

NCIS: "Gibbs" saves "Ziva's" life

Now it was all about capturing "Sahar"/"Sarah" once and for all. "Ziva" managed to confront her in the end - but the terrorists eventually held the former agent at gunpoint. Fortunately "Gibbs" came to "Ziva's" rescue and shot "Sahar".

Hopefully, "Ziva" can now be reunited with her family. "Gibbs" on the other hand was tasked with telling "Phineas" about his mother's death...

The next NCIS episode with "Ziva" airs on January 7 2020!

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