Mark Harmon appeared on The Late Show last week and talked not only about his long and (very!) impressive career, he also introduced the CBS viewers to another teaser for the upcoming fall finale of NCIS.

NCIS Season 17 Episode 10: Teaser clip with "Ziva" and "Gibbs"

In it, we see "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon, 68) and "Ziva" (Coté de Pablo, 40) in a heated interaction. Their emotional conversation is quite possibly the first part of the teaser clip that TVLine introduced fans to over the weekend. We certainly can't wait for the new episode to air!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Mark Harmon has been married to his wife Pam Dawber for over 30 years!!!

Mark Harmon's amazing story about Elizabeth Taylor

Before they touched on the topic of the upcoming "Ziva" episode on NCIS though, "Gibbs" and Colbert talked about the time that Harmon worked with the legendary Elizabeth Taylor on the movie Sweet Bird of Youth in 1989.

What an amazing story! We are pretty sure these two could have kept talking for hours about Harmon's long and amazing career...

NCIS Season 17 Episode 10 ("The North Pole") airs on Tuesday December 17 at 8pm (7 central) on CBS.

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