• Pauley Perrette was on NCIS for 15 years
  • As "Abby Sciuto" she famously had black hair
  • See Perrette as a blonde in our video!

Growing up, Pauley Perrette wanted to be in a rock band or work for the FBI. Her role on NCIS in a way allowed her childhood ambitions to come to fruition ("Abby" seems like she would fit perfectly in a band if she weren't in a lab).

This Is What Pauley Perrette From NCIS Looked Like With Blonde Hair

Before landing her breakout role on NCIS, there was a time when Pauley did not have her trademark dark hair. Watch the video above to see her as a blonde and in a variety of hairstyles.


As another Pauley Perrette fun fact, the actress worked with America's Most Wanted on a number of occasions.

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See NCIS star Pauley Perrette as a blonde in our video!