• Actress Daniela Ruah and her family are in mourning
  • They have lost a precious family member
  • Her family dog Ash passed away

In a photo and video collage, the actress posted about her deceased shepherd dog. The touching compilation makes it clear how important he was for the whole family, and more than one fan shed a tear seeing it.

Daniela Ruah and her family are trying to heal

It's never easy to lose a pet. And even celebrities have to deal with the passing of their beloved furry companions. Here is what Daniela had to say on Instagram: "Our heart is broken. Last night we said goodbye to our Ash. Dave surprised me with him almost 11 years ago, before River was even born […]"

Also interesting:

It was a fight that went on for some time, and had to come to an end. "Unfortunately, her beloved pet had a serious illness that severely restricted its ability to move", Daniela explained...

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