Neve Campbell recently opened up about a harrowing experience she had as a teenager! While appearing on Thursday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote her upcoming movie Scream, Campbell shared a real-life scary moment that once happened to her involving a wild animal.

Campbell attacked by bear during mom's set visit

Campbell didn't mention which specific project she'd been working on at the time, but shared she was filming in Canada and playing a character she said was "one with the animals." She said the crew gave her specific instructions to offer a bear a can of soda and then put her hand into honey. While Campbell admitted this was "really dumb" of her looking back, since she was an eager young actress who wanted to "please everyone," she went ahead and did it!

However, that's when things took a terrifying turn for the Scream star. She recalled that after following the instructions, the bear "grabs me by the leg and pulls me through the forest." And the horrifying moment couldn't have happened at a worse time, seeing as the actress had a special visitor that day. "My mother happens to be visiting set and so she’s screaming and everyone on set froze because no one knows what’s happening," Campbell said. 


Campbell commented that after she said the bear was "biting me," animal wranglers eventually freed her from its grasp. Despite the director telling her she didn't have to do the scene a second time though, the then-17-year-old actress still wanted to get the moment on camera! But even though she was lucky enough to survive the encounter, Campbell said there's no way she would make the same decision now. "No, absolutely not," Campbell affirmed to Clarkson.