• Tom Brady is the most successful football star of all time
  • He is branching out into the world of Hollywood as well
  • Brady will produce and host a new comedy show on Netflix

And it's now been announced that football star Tom Brady will be the focus of the first edition of "GROAT". The 44-year-old athlete will not only be roasted by his fellow co-stars, but will also act as the show's producer. In a statement, he said: "To quote my good friend Marshawn Lynch, I'm just here so I won't get fined".

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Tom Brady Will Bring A Touch Of Class To The Netflix Lineup

Super Bowl LV

This is the latest Hollywood venture for Tom Brady who has been making lots of appearances on the red carpet lately. Many are thrilled to hear that Brady will spend more time in front of the camera as an entertainer and not an athlete. As he has shown great charisma in the past. And so, being a Hollywood star should be an easy transition for him!

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