• Nicola Coughlan plays "Penelope" in 'Bridgerton'
  • There is a sex scene with her in the third season
  • It is the longest love scene in the series so far

The highly anticipated sequel to 'Bridgerton' delivered on its promise, taking fans deep into the relationship between "Penelope Featherington" and "Colin Bridgerton". Their development from friends to lovers marks a central point in the series' narrative, comparable to iconic TV moments of yesteryear.

Longest sex scene in 'Bridgerton'

The release of the last four episodes of the third season caused quite a stir. Just 15 minutes into the drama, fans of the series were confronted with a six-minute love scene.

Also interesting:

In the explicit scene, "Penelope" is comforted by "Colin" after an argument with her mother about her engagement and they kiss. Then "Colin" opens her corset and admires her naked figure...

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