• Nicole Kidman's daughters debut on the red carpet
  • Kidman was honored for her life's work
  • She got emotional in her speech

A milestone moment unfolded at the AFI Life Achievement Award Gala as Nicole Kidman (56) and Keith Urban (56) graced the red carpet alongside their teenage daughters, Sunday (15) and Faith (13). It marked a poignant occasion, being the debut public appearance for their daughters.

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Nicole Kidman and her daughters' appearance was so beautiful

Against the glitz and glamour of Hollywood on April 27, the gala set the stage for this memorable family debut. Nicole Kidman, celebrated for her lifetime achievements, illuminated the event in a custom-made gown adorned with shimmering gold sequins.

Keith Urban exuded sophistication in a classic black suit, complementing his wife's elegance. Sunday and Faith captivated onlookers in their striking red dresses, adding a splash of youthful charm to the affair. Alongside them was Kidman's niece, Sybella Hawley, radiating in a light-colored dress adorned with delicate floral patterns.

Keith Urban, Sunday Urban, Faith Urban, Sybella Hawley and Nicole Kidman at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards in Hollywood in April 2024

In her heartfelt acceptance speech, Nicole Kidman seized the moment to pay tribute to her cherished family. She underscored the significance of the evening, particularly for her daughters, who made their inaugural appearance alongside her on the prestigious red carpet. Kidman also tenderly acknowledged her mother and fondly remembered her late father, weaving familial sentiments into the fabric of her gratitude.

The AFI Life Achievement Award, a venerable accolade dating back to 1973, venerates individuals who have left an indelible mark on American culture. Kidman, visibly moved by the recognition, expressed her joy and appreciation on Instagram, extending heartfelt thanks to her supporters worldwide.

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