• Noah Schnapp has had enough
  • He is now signing a petition to change his hairstyle 
  • Will producers back down?

Noah Schnapp (18), rose to stardom for his role as "Will Byers" on Stranger Things. Above all, his character's hairstyle is now his trademark par excellence. But the actor seems to have had enough of the iconic bowl cut.

Noah Schnapp wants a change!

Noah has now opened up about signing a petition asking producers to give his character a different haircut. "You know, every season we get a new look of the bowl cut - it just always looks different. I mean, I'm hoping like maybe next season we don't do a bowl cut", said the actor.

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It may all be in good spirits, but will producers change their minds after this? It seems that Noah would certainly welcome that. There was even a petition signed on Change.org!

Watch the video above to learn more!