• North's candid revelation
  • Kim Kardashian's surprise reaction on TikTok
  • Empowered and unstoppable

"Guys, I have dyslexia," the 10-year-old revealed to viewers during a live TikTok video with her mom on Wednesday. "Do you even know what that is?"

Kardashian then intervened before North could say anything further.

"Northy, you are sure spilling the tea on here," the Skims founder remarked.

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Which prompted North to inquire of her followers, "Should I drop an album?"

North's TikTok bombshell

And it seems Kim was quite surprised by North opening up during the video as she jokingly threatened to end the live. "I am going to get off this live right now," the SKIMS founder responded, "because you are just saying way too much. I purposely don't talk about stuff that you are going through."

The mother-daughter duo is known for their entertaining TikToks and joint livestreams.

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