• Sofia Vergara has been through so. many tragedies
  • In 1998 her brother was killed
  • The actress received a cancer diagnosis in 2000

Sofia Vergara grew up in a big city in northern Colombia. with her large family. In total, the actress has five siblings, with whom she grew up in modest circumstances.

Sofia Vergara endures countless setbacks  

At just 17, she landed her first modelling job in an ad for Pepsi. A year later she married her school friend and gave birth to their son Manolo at the age of just 20.

But the marriage did not last long and so she had raise her son alone as a single mother. She moved with him to the USA for a safer life.

In 1998 came a huge shock. Sofia's brother was shot dead in Colombia. Another brother was deported from the U.S. in 2011 for criminal offences. in 2000, she herself was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Also interesting:

But she was able to beat the disease, and has been very conscientious about her health ever since. According to 'ABC News' she said, "I always dutifully go to the doctor and do my blood tests".

Even after her Hollywood breakthrough, her life remained dramatic. Sofia's ex-partner Nick Loeb tried to sue for the rights to jointly frozen embryos. At that time, the series star was already happily involved with Joe Manganiello.

We can only hope that her life going forward is far less tragic and much more tranquil.