• Actor Jeremy Renner recently had a wintertime accident
  • He was run over by a snowplow during a blizzard
  • His leg unfortunately caught the worst of it

It is the story that is still gripping Hollywood, and making us all collectively hold our breath. Jeremy Renner is still in critical condition at the hospital after his now famous winter accident. Renner was run over by his snowplow, and his leg, in particular, was badly affected!

Jeremy Renner is still fighting to recover

As if the news weren't already devastating enough, it looks like the ramifications might be even worse that previously thought. Because now, the "Hawkeye" actor's family are worried his leg will never recover. An insider close to them recently told Radar Online the following:

Also interesting:

"Jeremy’s already had two delicate surgeries. But there are serious doubts he will ever be able to walk right again — or at all. His loved ones worry the damage was significant enough to prevent him from moving the way he used to [...]"

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