• Elton John fell at his home
  • He had to be hospitalized
  • THIS is what his rep said

However, he is getting up there in age, and any kind of health concern ends up being pretty major! Elton John has just finished his farewell tour, but bad news have befallen the entertainer. The Briton fell at his home in southern France on Sunday. Apparently it was a more serious case than originally thought, because he was then taken to the hospital in Monaco.

Elton will be okay!

But don't worry. He's not in critical condition, or anything. Fortunately, a rep for the singer confirmed to the 'Daily Mail' that John was not seriously injured, and this is what they had to say.

Also interesting:

"We can confirm that following a slip yesterday at his home in the South of France, Elton visited the local hospital as a precautionary measure..."

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