Olivia Newton-John (70) has recently endured another heavy blow of fate. The singer and actress is now fighting cancer for the third time - she revealed that she has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized to her spine. She has put the rumours of her only having weeks to live, to rest when she spoke out saying that she is in good health. She is currently undergoing radiation treatment for her cancer and taking cannabis oil for pain relief, according to USA Today

In 1992, the English-Australian actress fell ill with breast cancer for the first time and she was forced to have a mastectomy. In 2013, the cancer returned and spread to her shoulder. At that time, Olivia was able to defeat the disease, but now the cancer has returned for the third time.

Olivia Newton-John remains positive

Despite everything, Olivia is very strong and firmly believes that she can defeat the cancer for a third time. The 69-year-old told "Sunday Night": "I am one of millions in this fight. I should not say fight... it's a journey."

Other stars can keep their optimism in severe illness as well. Melanie Griffith (61) was diagnosed with skin cancer for the second time in 2017, but was now able to defeat the cancer, as was recently announced. Her fans naturally now also wish Olivia all the best and a speedy recovery.