• Is Olivia Wilde getting back at her ex here?
  • She wore a pretty provocative outfit on the red carpet
  • Is she showing off what Harry Styles can no longer have?

Look Harry! Look at what you're missing! That's what many fans will have been thinking after seeing his ex-girlfriend on the red carpet. Olivia Wilde (38) recently wore a very sexy and revealing see-through dress at the People's Choice Awards. A bra? Forget about it! Olivia gave photographers their dream shot on the red carpet...

Olivia Wilde has her Lady Di moment

Olivia's high-profile relationship to Harry Styles has been very well-documented. The actress, recently turned director, has been a Hollywood heavyweight for over a decade now, and Harry himself is one the world's most popular musical acts. Together they were a powerhouse couple, but the fairy tale is now over!

Also interesting:

And what could be a better way to let your ex know they messed up than showing off the goods in public? The dress has already gained a solid reputation online. The question really is: does Harry mourn the loss of the relationship? There are probably two things he really misses...

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