Barry Corbin was born on October 16th, 1940 in Lamesa, Texas. He is an American actor who came to prominence with his role in Northern Exposure from 1990 to 1995. He played the role of former astronaut and local business leader, "Maurice Minnifield" on the CBS show and even received an Emmy award nomination. Before his big break however, he had appearances on other famous series like Dallas and The Thorn Birds. For movie goers, he is remembered for his portrayal of "General Beringer" in WarGames.

"Whitey Durham": Barry Corbin is 79 years old

The actor then played the role of "Whitey Durham" in the CW teen drama One Tree Hill from 2003 until 2008. He was the well-loved basketball coach of the "Tree Hill Ravens". He is now 79 years old and still active in the entertainment industry with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. His most recent role was in the 2019 movie Eminence Hill where he played "Noah."

Barry Corbin Today

The 79-year-old actor's latest role on television was in a episode of Young Sheldon in 2019 where he played "Mr. Gilford." He has also been on Netflix's The Ranch as "Dale the Veterinarian" since 2016. In terms of his personal life, Barry has been married and divorced twice and has four children. He also has many grandchildren and loves being a grandfather!  

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