• Johnny Depp can't take it anymore
  • Depp is currently in court suing Heard
  • The actor speaks out about his reputation

The mud fight between Hollywood legend Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues. The two are currently back in court, as the actor has now sued his ex-wife for defamation.

Depp says he lost "everything" because of Heard

Depp's trial specifically concerns an essay Heard published in The Washington Post in 2018, in which she described herself as "Public figure representing victims of domestic violence". Though Depp isn't named in the article, the Evening Standard shares that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor feels his reputation has been ruined by his ex-partner's tales. 

Johnny Depp v The Sun Libel Trial at the High Court in London - Day 7

In court, the Hollywood star explained that it doesn't matter what the verdict is in the end, since Heard publicly claimed that Depp was violent towards her. The father of two was asked what he lost due to Heard publishing the essay. "Nothing less than everything," he replied. “When the allegations were made, when the allegations were rapidly circling the globe telling people that I was a drunken cocaine-fuelled menace who beat women… it’s over."

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"Suddenly in my 50s... It's over. I am through," Depp continued. "What did that do to me? What effect did it have? I'll put it this way, no matter what comes out of this process, I've already lost." Heard has also sued her ex-husband, and the verdict of this case still remains to be seen.