• P. Diddy's Labor Day party is a hip hop classic
  • He has NOW been accused of sex trafficking there
  • THIS is the new lawsuit he faces

In a stunning turn of events, Sean "Diddy" Combs faces serious allegations from Adria English, a former adult film star, who claims she was groomed into sex trafficking at Combs' legendary annual Labor Day "white parties."

The Party That Turned Sinister

This lawsuit adds to a growing list of legal troubles for the producer, marking it as the 10th since November. Dive into the details of this explosive story that has the entertainment world buzzing.

Imagine the glitz and glam of Diddy's famed "white parties," where the champagne flows freely, and the A-listers mingle. But behind the sparkle, Adria English alleges a dark underbelly of forced narcotics consumption and sex trafficking, orchestrated by none other than Diddy himself.

According to English, what started as a dream job in 2004 quickly descended into a nightmare, with Diddy allegedly lacing liquor with ecstasy and demanding sexual services for guests.

English's harrowing tale spans five years, during which she claims she was trafficked by Diddy, alongside accomplices Tamika Thomas and Jacob "Jacob the Jeweler" Arabov.

The lawsuit paints a picture of gradual grooming, with English forced into increasingly degrading acts as the parties progressed. "The encounters...still haunt her to this day," the documents reveal, shedding light on the psychological toll taken on English.

After allegedly having "forced sexual intercourse" with Arabov, she claimed Combs congratulated her and paid her an additional $1,000. However, English alleged that it wasn’t a one time thing, claiming the rapper expected her to be "passed off" to other people.

She is seeking unspecified damages

She claimed to have been sexually assaulted by several other people, whom she did not name in the lawsuit. English claimed she worked for Combs under the impression that he would help advance her career in music. However, she alleged that he used her career aspirations against her with threats to blackball her from the industry.

Although she allegedly stopped working for the Bad Boy Records exec after five years, English claimed Combs made good on his threats and ruined any chance she had in the music industry.

English claimed she also suffered emotional trauma, such as intimacy issues and painful memories, as a result of the alleged sex trafficking.

TMZ reports that English is also suing Tamiko Thomas, a woman the former adult film star claimed facilitated the music producer’s alleged sex trafficking operation. She likened Thomas to Ghislaine Maxwell, who was found guilty of child sex trafficking and other offenses in 2021 in connection with now-deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

As the allegations send shockwaves through the celebrity world, representatives for Combs have yet to respond. The silence is deafening, especially in light of recent federal raids on Combs' properties as part of a human trafficking investigation.

With Combs denying all previous claims, the entertainment industry is left wondering what the truth is.

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As this legal drama unfolds, the court of public opinion is already in session. With Combs' reputation on the line and the seriousness of the allegations, all eyes are on how this case will develop.

Will Diddy clear his name, or will this be the scandal that finally tarnishes his legacy?