• Pamela Anderson became a star with Baywatch
  • Her red bathing suit was a staple
  • What happened to the suit?

Pamela Anderson, 55, has revealed she still owns the iconic swimsuit she wore in Baywatch. The series star of the nineties played the role of a lifeguard "C.J. Parker” in the cult show.

Who has Pamela Anderson's Baywatch swimsuit?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pamela Anderson revealed that she actually kept one of the swimsuits she wore over the five seasons of Baywatch and still loves wearing it to this day.

"I had a couple back then. Now I only have one and it fits. I put it on every once in a while," said the blonde.

"So yeah, one time I was with my friends, I was out with Luke Gilford, this photographer, and I was at a party with him. I remember they were like, ‘Where’s Pamela?’ I jumped in the shower and I came out soaking wet and gave everyone mouth to mouth," she continued according to ET

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Where was 'Baywatch' set from the tenth season?

Pamela who has undergone an extreme transformation left Baywatch in 1997 but reprised her role in 2017 for a cameo in the film spin-off.

Speaking of the remake, Pamela Anderson said: "It was becoming really, really awful. They said they wanted me to do it as a favor. I said, ‘I do favours for animals, not for Paramount.’ There was just so much bullying to do it."

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