• Pamela Anderson is a Canadian actress and model
  • She is best known for her work on Baywatch
  • She has just released an autobiographical documentary

It's once again time to step into the spotlight for the iconic Pamela Anderson. Her new Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story seeks to shine a light on the real Anderson, and what she was going through during some of the larger controversies in her very public life!

Pamela is ready to bare it all again!

Filmmakers had access to her diaries and a collection of home movies, including her infamous sex tape with Tommy Lee. Scouring throughs hours of material took many months to do, but a story was finally put together. So, what exactly will this documentary be about, and what we can expect to see in it? 

Also interesting:

Throughout the piece, Anderson, now 55, speaks about the invasiveness of having private material shown and exploited in that fashion. But that's not all Anderson dishes on...

Watch the video above to learn more!