Pamela Anderson has said goodbye to yet another relationship not long after getting married! After it was revealed this week that Anderson and her former husband Dan Hayhurst have officially divorced, an inside source opened up to People about why her marriages are so short-lived.

Anderson reportedly "gets the itch" to tie the knot

Anderson, who notoriously married rock drummer Tommy Lee in 1995 before their split, is known for throwing herself into matrimony. The insider said that the star "loves weddings" and is "very quick to pull the trigger" when it comes to taking her romance to the next step. Hayhurst was Anderson's fourth husband, following Lee, producer Rick Solomon, and musician Kid Rock.

When it comes to Anderson's approach to relationships, she isn't said to be too interested in maintaining the romance after the initial excitement fades. The insider shared she "flows right into it and she flows right out of it," most notably after tying the knot. "To her it's fun getting married, she gets the itch," they said. "And then it's all downhill from there."

Pamela Anderson Is Divorcing Her 5th Husband A Year Into Their Marriage

The source went on to share that Anderson "loves the newness of love," but then comes to feel that "life would be better without it" after the honeymoon period. The star also remains unconcerned about her reputation! As the insider mentioned, Anderson does "whatever she wants and doesn't worry about how society looks at it," unfazed by making headlines as a frequent divorcée!